What is

Goozoom is an media platform & free open classifieds designed for leisure info purpose. Do you have any leisure info to share? Create your account and share your experience to the world! If you are running a leisure business (online or ground), Goozoom definitely is the right platform to promote your store, products, or services. Create your MapStore info now, it is FREE!

What is “Leisure Info”?

Goozoom provided 5 major categories leisure info for your MapStore:

  • 1. Leisure
  • 2. Environment
  • 3. Food Hunt
  • 4. Happening
  • 5. Travel Deals
  • 6. Advertisements

Who can publish the info?

The platform is open to the public, you have to register and log in before publish any ads info. If you are running a leisure business, here is the right platform for you to advertise your store, products & services. Publish or re-edit your content is just a minute. Manage your ads, your business at anywhere, in anytime! If you love to share great leisure info to the world, you are welcome to create an account and share what is your leisure experience. 

Any Fee or charges for ads publish?

FREE for register, FREE for publish your ads.
Beside, you may upgrade your post to “Featured ads” with an affordable rate! The “Feature ads” will appear on left or top of the Goozoom main page. 


  • √ Sign Up for FREE.
  • √ Create, promote and advertise your Leisure business info or personal leisure info.
  • √ Freepost Ads & self manage your account.
  • √ User easy to Goozoom (search) your Ads with MapStore featured.(Location hotspot).
  • √ Share your Ads on social media & deal your business anytime.
  • √ Upgrade your Ads to featured ads.

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